RESONANCE-ED GmbH & Co.KG is a company PHYWE

Group companies RESONANCE offers modern laboratory kits and demonstration classrooms for physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, mechanical engineering, electrical and other engineering - technical skills for secondary, secondary technical and higher educational institutions of Russia.

These rooms were designed by scientists of the Russian-Germany company with the support of leading educational and technical secondary and higher educational establishments of the leading countries of the world.

The methodical council of the company RESONANCE, which includes well-known Russian scientists develop and improve teaching aids, adapted for public policy education in Russia. We are glad to cooperate with each other!

Company PHYWE more than 100 years, produces the equipment, designs experiments and teaching aids for education in the sciences. Requirements for high performance, implementation of the necessary quality criteria, as well as a large number of innovations and inventions have created a firm PHYWE name known throughout the world, and attached it to the international market instruments for the natural sciences.

The main advantages of the equipment PHYWE:

  1. German quality, durability, accuracy and reliability meet the highest requirements for quality, given the intensive use of equipment in the training.
  2. The modular design of components includes an easy integration of components and saves money.
  3. Transparency and simple design elements enhance the visibility of the experiment and contribute to an in-depth study of the subject.
  4. Detailed instructions for each experiment, charts, drawings, graphics.

Joint projects with universities:

  1. Joint Conference in universities of Russia and Germany
  2. Internship students and professors in Germany Develop new equipment and methodological descriptions