Department of Science reports

23 Apr 2010 г.

Department of science, education and personnel policies in accordance with the agreements reached at the March 23, 2010 meeting with representatives of German company producing educational equipment PHYWE, and on a review of 000 treatment "Resonance" on the issue of the scientific and methodical seminars in educational institutions Department of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation on "The newest technologies in the education system," said.

Given the holding company PHYWE experience with the Vladivostok State Medical University in the placement and use of teaching and laboratory equipment, the Department considers it possible to conduct these outstanding scientific and teaching activities, including inviting the representatives of educational institutions of higher medical education of the Far Eastern federal district, located the Ministry, on the basis of this university.

Consideration of the possibility of carrying out these activities in other universities MHSD Russia believe it appropriate to defer the submission of results to be held in Vladivostok State Medical University seminar, which includes information about the participants of the seminar, discussion and planned development of cooperation in the field of medical and pharmaceutical education.


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